4 Health Hacks to Improve Your Productivity

Often people make the mistake of thinking that being healthy and working out requires energy, but in reality, the opposite is true. The truth is that being healthy and fit will actually lead to greater energy levels as well as productivity. However, many people don’t know where to begin, or what to do.

This blog post will focus on the specific health hacks that will help you become more productive, feel better and an all-round better version of yourself:


A good nights sleep is key to how you feel the next day. Countless studies have shown that not enough sleep can affect brain function and cognitive ability. Ensuring a good night’s sleep can have many health benefits such as improved mood, better recovery, boosted immune system and improved cognitive ability. These are all essential for productivity.

When trying to improve sleep, focus on quality not quantity. 5 hours of deep sleep is more beneficial than 8 hours of restless sleep. Ways to improve sleep are:

  • exercise more,
  • abstain from caffeine after 3PM,
  • turn off your phone an hour before you go to bed
  • and drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of raw honey before bed.

Incorporating these into your evening routine will boost your quality of sleep.


This is something that will change your life. Exercise in the morning has been proven to be an effective tool in boosting productivity. This is because exercise increases blood-flow to the brain, as well as boosting the production of favourable endorphins. These endorphins boost your mood and cognitive ability throughout the day, making you more productive.

Choose an exercise that you enjoy, like swimming, surfing, walking or running – preferably something that will get your heart rate up!


Eating sugary foods will spike your sugar levels, only dropping them to make you feel even worse. To fix this, try to stay away from high GI (glycaemic index) foods. These are generally processed carbohydrates and sugary products. Stick to carbs such as health and Rye bread, sweet potato and butternut.

A great suggestion for a breakfast that will give you long, sustained amounts of energy is something like this: Eggs, avocado, and Nuts. This high protein and fat meal will give you a better energy source than carbohydrates that will drop you later on in the day. Rather save your carbohydrates for the afternoon to act as a temporary ‘pick-me-up’.


To most people, this doesn’t make any sense. Surely food is a source of energy, and therefore eating more will give us more energy? Well, no. You see, when you eat a big meal, have you ever noticed how sleepy you get? This comes down to many factors, such as: increased glucose suppressing Orexin (a hormone that contribute to our alertness); draining energy used to facilitate digestion; and increased Leptin production which contributes to fatigue.

As Ghandi said: ” Eat less to have more energy”. A great method for this is to eat less during the day, and eating a big meal at night. The big meal at night will also help with sleep.


Integrating these hacks into your life will substantially improve your productivity and success. This blog is all about you being able to make small, incremental changes in your life that create huge results.

Just Be Better.


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